Stage 2 route from Finish back to Race HQ

We’ve had a couple of teams let us know that their riders will be making their own way back from the finish of stage 2 – on Llangynidr Mountain – to Race Headquarters at Brynmawr Foundation School.

Riders – if you don’t already know, you can’t take the most direct route (along the A465) as it is currently subject to a cycling ban. The alternative route is pretty simple – but in order to make it even simpler for you, and thanks to British Cycling Mapping, we’ve produced a map with directions and a GPX file you can import into your Garmin (or similar) if you’re equipped.

We’ll have a small number of hard copies of the route map available at stage 2 signing on – so team managers, only, please, grab them in small quantities and hand them to your riders if needed.

If you want to look at or print the map yourself, it’s here, and the .gpx, is part of the full set downloadable here. 🙂

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