JTW17 – Live from Brynmawr!

Those of you following tomorrow night’s time trial will be able to keep right up to date with the results. Mobile signal permitting(!) we will be streaming the times live, in real time, over the web.

If you are using a web browser, go to https://speedhive.mylaps.com/LiveTiming/. Look at that page tomorrow, just before the first rider starts and you should see the Junior Tour TT in the list of live events – just click the orange ‘Live’ button to follow it (and again on the next page).

If you are using an Apple or Google phone, go to your app store and get the Speedhive app (for free), register it (again free) and click the Live Timing pane just before 6:20 tomorrow.

You’ll then know who’s winning almost as quickly as we do! 🙂

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